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NeXTimber® by Timberlink manufactures Australian made Engineered Wood Products (EWP) and provides mass timber building solutions with Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels and Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) members.

Made from sustainably managed Australian plantation pine, NeXTimber CLT panels and GLT members offer long term carbon capture and storage like traditional timber but with the strength, uniformity and technical predictability to support increasingly demanding applications such as hybrid and tall wood buildings.

Whilst NeXTimber does not offer structural engineering design services or certification, our locally based technical team can provide support to help optimise the use of NeXTimber products in your project and help to achieve cost, time and environmental efficiencies.

Why choose NeXTimber?

Why choose NeXTimber?


Premium product performance

  • Made from consistent high grade feedstock, structurally graded to AS/ NZS 1748.1 and verified to AS/NZS 4490 from Timberlink’s Tarpeena manufacturing facility.
  • CLT panels are edge-glued for improved transverse stiffness, in-plane rigidity and overall structural performance.
  • NeXTimber CLT and GLT products can provide superior fire performance compared to comparable timber products laminated using non-heat resistant adhesives such as conventional polyurethane. This is because the melamine adhesive used in NeXTimber CLT and GLT products is resistant to heat and the products do not exhibit premature heat-induced char fall-off as demonstrated through full-scale furnace tests, carried out in accordance with AS 1530.4.
  • QA processes from infeed to installation and certified manufactured to ISO 16696-1.
  • Surface finish options available.


The ultimate renewable

  • NeXTimber feedstock sourced from co-located Timberlink mill with dual certified sustainability credentials.
  • Timber is the Ultimate Renewable – NeXTimber products provide carbon negative mass timber solutions for building components, providing a prime opportunity to reduce the embodied carbon of a project. NeXTimber EPD can be downloaded here.


Local supply

  • All infeed stock comes from local, sustainably managed plantations.
  • One Australian supply point for both CLT and GLT can provide flexibility in lead times and give design and build teams more opportunities for optimisation.
  • Reduced risk to project budgets & timelines from international shipping, import taxes and currency exchange risks.
  • Section sizes aren’t restricted by shipping container limits which allows for flexibility in design and more efficient installation.
  • Locally based technical support throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Why build with timber?

Timber manufacturing is a carbon-negative industry. For every cubic metre of dry finished plantation softwood timber we produce, 699 kilograms of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and stored in the timber over its entire lifetime. Timber’s smaller carbon footprint helps to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

At NeXTimber, we understand the need to look after our people, our environment, and our regional and wider communities in order to have a long-term future.

Low energy used in production hence less CO2 in the atmosphere

Certification ensures timber comes from sustainable sources

Long-term store of carbon, helping to mitigate climate change

Timber is the ultimate renewable building material

Our Story

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Timberlink Australia & New Zealand logo

NeXTimber is brought to you by Timberlink, a leading Australian producer of sustainably grown radiata pine now at the forefront of integrated softwood manufacturing in Australia.

NeXTimber Engineered Wood Products are manufactured on Timberlink’s South Australian site from Timberlink timber, sourced from sustainably managed Australian pine plantations.

This connection gives NeXTimber customers a unique level of supply certainty for Australian-made sustainable plantation pine building products.

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